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CryptoBite, The next most promising cryptocurrency is Built on the Ethereum platform. The people’s decentralised booking platform.

ICO Registration open : $0.80 / CBC ( Starts on 20th Jan, 2018)
Open Sale : Feb 01 2018 Close sale : Mar 01 2018

Crypto Bite
Technical Specifications

  • Coin Name: Crypto Bite
  • Trade Code: CBC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 97.888.888 CBC
  • Total Sale For ICO: 15.000.000 CBC
  • Token Sale Price: 0.8 $ / 1.20 CBC
  • ICO STAGE 1 : 1.000.000 CBC - 0.80 $
  • ICO STAGE 2 : 2.000.000 CBC - 0.90 $
  • ICO STAGE 3 : 3.000.000 CBC - 1.00 $
  • ICO STAGE 4 : 4.000.000 CBC - 1.10 $
  • ICO STAGE 5 : 5.000.000 CBC - 1.20 $
  • Token Sale will be open from Feb 01 2018


USB Wallet is a hardware device for Bitcoin, CryptoBite and Altcoins, based on robust safety feature for storing cryptographic funds and securing digital payments. Each CryptoBite USB owner requires the CryptoBite Internal Web wallet to ensure the network upholds the highest standard of security, allowing users to enjoy total peace of mind. 

Coming Soon



    Research and Concept Design of CryptoBite Q3 2017

    Q3 2017

    Development of CryptoBite Q4 2017

    Q4 2017

    - Pre - ICO Start
    - Crowd sell StartQ1 2018

    Q1 2018

    - Officially launch CryptoBite Coin
    - Secure USB Wallet Release
    - Mining and stocking Q2 2018

    Q2 2018

    - Lending and Earning Opportunities
    - Exchange Q3 2018

    Q3 2018

    CryptoBite Payment Gateway for Merchants Q4 2018

    Q4 2018

    CryptoBite Payment Card Q1 2019

    Q1 2019

    Booking system Q2 2019

    Q2 2019


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    We offer an amazing community and of course an affiliate program, where you can build up your team and build up a great future for yourself. One community - one family - one vision

    If you recommend a new cinema movie to your best friend you don't get anything for that, CryptoBite changes that and offers you a bonus for recommendations!

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    CryptoBite is the coin for you, a coin for the people and a coin that has the power to change the world. CryptoBite would like to welcome you on the journey, so you won't regret it!



Meets Cryptobite CEO

20 Oct.
Interview Q&A

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